Brinyte B168 led zoom-able flashlight

A flashlight in Mrs Thatcher's handbag-- Brinyte B168 led zoom-able flashlight

There are many legendary stories about flashlights.

It is said that Mrs Margaret Thatcher, the former British Prime Minister, always carried a flashlight in her handbag after an attack on her southern England coastal summer resort vacation .Then the torch was repeatedly played an important role.

In 1984, Mrs Margaret Thatcher went to visit Hong Kong accompanied by U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell.They first arrived in Hawaii late at night for a short stay on the way. And Mrs Thatcher insisted to see the USS “Arizona” Memorial. As a history buff, this is a rare opportunity for her. But it is too dark, Americans tried to stop her. Mrs Margaret Thatcher unexpected said that she took a flashlight, and then she really took out it from the handbag!

The truth of this story is unknown.But we could know that a flashlight is not only a useful lighting tool, but also the symbol that you have the courage and capacity to deal with difficulties.

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Brinyte B168 zoom adjusted flashlight with mini size and unique zooming design is highly recommended to you.

This zoom-able flashlight B168, utilizes the CREE XM-L2(U4) LED, max 300 lumens on focus and 650 lumens on flood. You could adjust the beam by rotating the flashlight body. It's a great compromise, which should perform well for lighting up a larger area, as well as giving you enough throw to illuminate distant objects.

The 160mm length and 25.4mm body diameter of B168 outdoor flashlight make it easier to carry and convenient to assemble different mount according to your actual requirement.

What’s more, B168 with rotating design could be easily replaced different color led module, like UV and IR led are also available .

As a tool, Brinyte B168 zoom adjustable flashlight is a good choice for your outdoors, hunting, and tactical lighting. As a secret weapon, B168 could also bring you a sense of security and courage in the dark.

Why don’t you carry one in your bag?